Spend Less Time Trying To Get A Cinematic Look And Set Your Films Apart With Our LUTs Based On Hollywood Films

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You thought you needed years of color grading experience to achieve the look of your favorite motion picture...

So we did the heavy lifting for you and designed LUTs inspired by 22 iconic films.

These LUTs emulate some of the most popular and beloved film looks, and work across all kinds of images and platforms.

 And if you want the look to be strong or more subtle, you can dial the opacity up or down, until you reach that sweet spot.

As long as you know how to apply a LUT, you are good to go. 

Check out all the LUTs included in this package.

 Hollywood level color grading WITHOUT spending years trying to master grading...

mpfl_SuperHero_ungraded mpfl_SuperHero_graded
mpfl_80s_ungraded mpfl_80s_graded
mpfl_AviatorV1_ungraded mpfl_AviatorV1_graded
mpfl_AviatorV2_ungraded mpfl_AviatorV2_graded
mpfl_Amelie_ungraded mpfl_Amelie_graded.jpg
mpfl_Drive_ungraded mpfl_Drive_graded
mpfl_BladeRunnerV1_ungraded mpfl_BladeRunnerV1_graded
mpfl_BladeRunnerV3_ungraded mpfl_BladeRunnerV3_graded
mpfl_DevilsRejects_ungraded mpfl_DevilsRejects_graded
mpfl_Enemy_ungraded mpfl_Enemy_graded
mpfl_Graduate_ungraded mpfl_Graduate_graded
mpfl_GrandBudapest_ungraded mpfl_GrandBudapest_graded
mpfl_Buffalo66LightV2_ungraded mpfl_Buffalo66LightV2_graded
mpfl_Hannibal_ungraded mpfl_Hannibal_graded
mpfl_Her_ungraded mpfl_Her_graded
mpfl_InsideLlewynDavisV2_ungraded mpfl_InsideLlewynDavisV2_graded
mpfl_Lettherightonein_ungraded mpfl_Lettherightonein_graded
mpfl_MadMax_ungraded mpfl_MadMax_graded
mpfl_Mafia_ungraded mpfl_Mafia_graded
mpfl_MoonriseKingdomV2_ungraded mpfl_MoonriseKingdomV2_graded
mpfl_Revenant_ungraded mpfl_Revenant_graded
mpfl_SevenV1_ungraded mpfl_SevenV1_graded
mpfl_SevenV2_ungraded mpfl_SevenV2_graded
mpfl_SteelAssassin_ungraded mpfl_SteelAssassin_graded



Aviator V1

Aviator V2

Blade Runner V1

Blade Runner V2

Blade Runner V3

Buffalo 66 Dark V1

Buffalo 66 Dark V2

Buffalo 66 Light V1

Buffalo 66 Light V2

Devils Rejects




Grand Budapest



Inside Llewyn Davis V1

Inside Llewyn Davis V2

Let the right one in

Mad Max


Moonrise Kingdom V1

Moonrise Kingdom V2


Sci-Fi V1

Sci-Fi V2

Seven V1

Seven V2

Steel Assassin

Super Hero


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